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Your jaw serves as the foundation of your healthy teeth. Complications of the jaw bone and surrounding dental structures can impact your smile. Oral surgical intervention may be necessary to improve a patient’s dental structure and maintain their healthy and beautiful smile.

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Improving Jaw Bone Health in Miami Lakes

The jaw bone holds teeth in place and provides the supporting structure to maintain both the smile’s esthetic and function. When bone health is compromised, oral surgery may be necessary to bolster the health of the jaw bone or correct abnormalities.

Dr. del Castillo is experienced in assisting patients to gain stronger jaw bones while helping them preserve their oral health. With over three decades in dentistry, his expertise gives him the ability to restore smiles across Miami-Dade County.

 Procedures we provide include:

Bone grafting is essential to preserving or bolstering jawbone prior to dental implant placement. Patients that fall short of eligibility receive improved bone health which allows them to completely replace their smile safely and effectively.

Ridge augmentation is generally administered following a tooth extraction to recreate the natural contours of the gums and jaw that may have been lost due to bone loss.

Gingival flap surgery is used to treat advanced cases of gum disease by addressing tartar buildup deep below the gum line near the roots of teeth.

Debridement removes tartar buildup from teeth and helps to maintain oral health.

Corrective jaw surgery may be necessary to address an underbite, an overbite, or an open bite. This procedure repositions the upper or lower jaw to fit ideally with its counterpart.

Cleft lip and palate corrective surgery is necessary to assist newborns and young infants in early oral development.

Face reconstruction following invasive procedures, such as removing the cancer or other health concerns, can be necessary to regain an ideal and well-balanced esthetic.

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The structure of your smile is important in maintaining its longevity and encouraging optimal oral health. To speak with a qualified periodontist, call Miami Lakes Periodontists and schedule an appointment with Dr. Robert A. del Castillo today.

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